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Head Coach - Kaitlyn Aycock
Assistant Coach - Laurie Wyatt
From a interview between Coach Aycock and the local paper: 

"MckayLee Bray has lead our team the past few games. We have moved her out of the middle and changed her position to an outside hitter (left side) and she has proven this is the right change. She has been extremely consistent both offensively and defensively. She is definitely a leader and important part of our varsity squad. Jaycee Walley is another offensive player that helps lead our team. She has grown from being the player who can hit the ball hard to being a smart and powerful hitter. She sees the court well and has adjusted to other teams blocks very well. She has also been a top producer of blocks for our team. I expect to see a lot more growth for these girls offensively as we begin learning how to run a quicker offense. Olivia Eubanks, our libero, is the top defensive player. She produces the most digs and has proven how mentally tough she is. She has a hard job as the libero and our expectations of her are high. She knows this and rarely disappoints. She shined bright during the East Central game last week as she minimized bad passes, dug tough hits from the other team, and even took charge and hit some aggressive back row attacks. Having said all of this, our offense could not run without Ciera Lightsey, our setter. The setter has such a tough job as they have to set both the good and bad passes. In addition, it is her job to see the other teams block set up so that she can choose her sets wisely. Ciera has really done a wonderful job as our setter. She is able to move the ball around enough to produce kills and make our bad passes good sets. As our only varsity setter, she has a  lot of weight on her shoulders and plays this role very well. As we begin to learn new sets, I am confident everyone well see a lot of growth in her. 


As far as JV we have a lot of very consistent players. Some of our JV players have worked hard and gotten the opportunity to play some varsity as well. Madison Pipkins and Kayla Mazzocchi are two players who have showed a lot of growth and continue to show so much potential. Madison is such a consistent player and works so hard each practice to get better. Kayla is very knowledgeable about the game and has so much power. We have been working really hard on control and fundamentals so that all of her power produces kills. She has worked so hard and grown so much. Edee Havard, our libero, is the top defensive JV player. Also, when the opportunity arose for her to play front row she was the only JV player to produce a block. Balee Wilson and Gerrin Shaw have grown so much as our setters. Both girls set when in front row and play impressive defense while in the back row."